23 May 2010

Audio Review: Batman and Robin #12

Introducing the special audio edition of the DC Dissection! I apologize if the audio quality isn't the greatest; your humble reviewer is still learning how to use the microphone. Here is a transcript of the review, if you wish to read along.

A few links pertinent to this review:
  • The Wikipedia definition of "retcon."
  • The TV Tropes page describing the character type of The Mad Scientist's Beautiful Daughter. (Be warned that TV Tropes is very entertaining and can consume a great quantity of a person's time.)
  • Linkara's review of Youngblood #1, in which he diagnoses the phenomenon known as Youngblood's Disease.
So then, Gentle Readers, what do you think? Should the DC Dissection stick to text reviews, or do you enjoy the audio format?


Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed the new format -- particularly being able to see the "pages" that illustrated your points, as you made them.

Re: the art -- Robin looks like he has put on some pounds and has an angry, thug look. Not MY Robin!

Tizzi said...

I agree with the comment above mine. It was very helpful to see the pages you were talking about, and I love that I can hear the sarcasm in your voice! Oh, how I miss you. I can't wait until you come home. :)

Also, you're totally right about Talia. She's never been truly characterized, and I think darling Grant could have done a much, much better job of making her into an actual character, not simply a mirror of her father.

I'm also with you on the way Damien is drawn... He looks so awkward and squinty, in a sort of half-asian half-assed kind of way. Poor kid. He's the boy wonder...so why make him look like some kind of awkwardly grown stalk of rhubarb?

Anonymous said...

I prefer the text version, though I'm not entirely sure why.

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